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Pets princess:Dog Apparel & Accessories

Pets Princess offers a wide range of dog apparel and accessories to pamper your furry friend while keeping sustainability in mind. Our products are designed with both style and environmental responsibility in focus. Here’s why our dog apparel and accessories are a sustainable choice:

Eco-Friendly Materials: We prioritize using eco-friendly materials in products. apparel is made from organic cotton, hemp, or recycled fabrics, reducing the reliance on conventional materials that can have a larger environmental impact.

Non-Toxic Dyes: use non-toxic and low-impact dyes for coloring products. This helps minimize the release of harmful chemicals into the environment during the manufacturing process.

Quality and Durability: products are designed to be durable, ensuring they last longer and reduce the need for frequent replacements. By choosing high-quality items, you can minimize waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Ethical Manufacturing: work closely with manufacturers who follow ethical and fair labor practices. This ensures that the people involved in the production process are treated fairly and work in safe conditions.

Minimal Packaging: strive to minimize packaging waste by using recycled and recyclable materials for packaging products. also encourage customers to recycle or reuse the packaging whenever possible.

Donations and Giving Back: believe in giving back. donate a portion of profits to animal welfare organizations and initiatives focused on environmental conservation, helping to support causes that promote sustainability and animal well-being.

By choosing Pets Princess for your dog’s apparel and accessories, you can ensure that your furry companion stays stylish while making a sustainable choice for the environment.

K9 Kennel Boss - Medium (White)

SAFE AND SECURE: Made of lightweight metal and intelligently designed with your dog’s safety in mind. Strong and secure escape resistant construction to keep your pet safe at all times.

DURABLE: No need to replace plastic or wire boxes! The K9 Kennel Boss is constructed to last. This is an excellent solution for working dogs, stressed dogs, and rescue dogs. This crate is ideal for sport dog owners, dog trainers, and foster parents. A high-quality powder-coated finish makes cleaning simple.

TRAVEL READY: With no tools required, the functional collapsible design effortlessly transforms from fully completed to suitcase configuration in under a minute. Built-in heavy-duty handles enable for daily use. Crate ships are completely constructed and collapsible, with airline fasteners included.

VERSATILE: Sleek design and modern colors in black, gray, or tan to complement your décor. Crates with molded corners can be stacked on top of each other, making them perfect for many dogs and small places.

COMFORTABLE: Ventilation openings allow for continuous airflow, keeping your dog cool and comfortable in a variety of settings; circular cutout design discourages chewing.

EACH PURCHASE SAVES A PET. BISSELL is a proud supporter of the BISSELL Pet Foundation and its aim to save homeless pets.
WASH AND VACUUM AT THE SAME TIME. Save time by vacuuming and cleaning several hard floor areas all at once!
CORDLESS AND QUIET. Take advantage of 25 minutes of silent, cordless cleaning.

CLEANING OF HARD FLOOR MULTI-SURFACE. Vacuum and wash wood, tile, linoleum, laminate, and other sealed hard floors for one-step wet and dry cleaning.
CLEANING FORMULA IS APPLIED AUTOMATICALLY. There are two modes: high and low, which automatically dispense cleaning solution onto the floor while in use.

Have a clean house: Traditional home grooming equipment create a lot of clutter and hair in the home when the pet’s hair falls out during the season.Our vacuum-function pet grooming clippers can collect 99% of pet hair into a 2.0L vacuum container.It cleans and collects hair on garments, beds, sofas, and corners with ease.

Low Noise Design: The dog grooming vacuum’s operating noise is less than 63db, effectively preserving pets’ delicate hearing. Design with low noise and two customizable settings.The extension hose is long enough (65 inch) to keep the vacuum away from the pet, reducing pressure and discomfortsuction levels to make pets feel more at ease. To avoid pet anxiety, we recommend combing your pet with a brush before trimming pet hair, giving the pet some nibbles, and using it from the first gear.

Portable Wireless ClipperThe dog grooming clipper is detachable and has a rechargeable battery that may be used separately. The 4 pieces adjustable clipping combs (1/8in/1/4in/3/8in/1/2in) are useful for clipping hair of various lengths. Even if you are a newbie, these designs are highly user-friendly.Customizable for your pet’s ideal appearance!

Grooming Salon for Dogs and CatsThis 6 in 1 Gromming Kit & Vacuum Suction is a must-have tool for keeping your dog looking and feeling their best; Best Gift Choice for friends and family members who own pets; Suitable for daily brushing, weekly de-shedding, monthly shearing and wants to save money on Pet grooming visits.

After-Sales ServiceEach dog grooming kit and vacuum is thoroughly examined before leaving the factory to guarantee that it meets the exceptionally high standards we set! To ensure robustness and longevity, every semiconductor, accessory, cable, electronic board, and spare part is extensively inspected and tested.After your purchase, you will get 24 hour customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us by message at any time.

Easier and safer water entry: Inflatable dog pool steps use an underwater tilting weighted net to create a safe inflatable pup plank ramp for your pet to get out of above-ground pools, lakes, and pontoon boats. The 3D steps design can completely wrap around the dog’s paws, making it non-slip and more stable. Make your dog feel more secure.
Design with a wider curved profile for improved stability: A wider dog boat ramp provides more buoyancy in the back half and prevents the end of the floating water ladder from sinking in the water as the dog climbs out of the water. Tie a rope connected to a sandbag or stone to two more D-rings on the back for further support.

Anti-Slip Traction Pad & Premium Material: The EVA pad is slid-proof and quite soft, allowing your pet to stabilize before getting out. The heavy-duty multi-layer PVC material is intended for long-term use in water. Designed for any breed of dog weighing up to 150 pounds to comfortably clamber out of the water and onto a boat, pier, or pool.
Portable and easy to store: The dog water floats may be inflated in under a minute with the accompanying pump and deflated with the valve. After deflating, it weighs about 15 pounds, saving storage space and making it extremely portable.

The inflatable dog dock ladder comes with a hand pump, 27ft and 210ft ropes, a repair kit, and a carry bag. Ideal for all sporting and swimming pet loading activities on the boat, at the end of the dock, or on a pontoon boat.

PREMIUM INGREDIENTS AND BETTER HEALTH: (i) 4 inch SOLID MEMORY FOAM foundation for enhanced overall comfort, reduced joint discomfort (arthritis), and improved health, mobility, and vitality. (ii) Anxiety-prone dogs can benefit from a calming bed. (iii) The ‘green’ support bolsters are abundantly filled with recycled materials. (iv) Twill made of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%).

(i) The base and bolsters provide optimal support and security. (ii) Waterproof and tear-resistant cover. (iii) Non-slip base. (iv) Blends in with your surroundings. (v) Separate replacement covers are available.
QUIETNESS: (i) Certi-PUR-US Memory foam. There is no mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, or ozone depleters in this product. Low VOC emissions for improved indoor air quality. (iii) Meets European REACH safety regulations.

SUITABLE FOR MEDIUM/LARGE DOGS OR MULTIPLE SMALLER DOGS: (i) Dimensions: 36 x 28 x 9 in. Can easily support 100 pounds or more. (ii) [Search Pet Fusion for a new matching huge pet blanket]
WHAT YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF: (i) ‘Bolsters’ are pre-loaded inside the cover; merely insert the memory foam base and zip it. (ii) SIMPLE TO CLEAN: The cover is machine washable. (iii) Easy to clean and remove hair. Tumble dry on a low setting. Bleach should not be used. (iv) 12 month/1 year warranty on any broken part caused by a manufacturer defect.

Dogtra 1900S Remote Training E-Collar – 3/4 Mile Range – Waterproof, Rechargeable, High-Output, Adjustable Levels, Vibration – Electronic Dog Training Collar

LONG RANGE: With a range of up to 3/4 mile, you may let your dog run free in the yard, neighborhood, park, or even the field. From short-distance to long-distance dog training, you can rely on this electric ecollar.
PRECISE STIMULATION CONTROL: Select from 127 levels of low-high regulated stimulations that are appropriate for your dog’s personality. This dog training e-collar has corrections for nick (fast 1/2 second), continuous (up to 12 seconds), and vibration.

VERSATILE E-COLLAR: Whether for basic obedience, hunting, competitive events, or K-9, this Dogtra collar is dependable for a variety of dog training applications.
entirely WATERPROOF: Both the remote and the receiver e-collar are entirely waterproof and sturdy, designed to survive extreme situations such as intense heat or the cold winter season.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The slim receiver design guarantees that the collar fits comfortably around the neck of your dog. The transmitter has a checkered grip for non-slip usage on the go. Ideal for dogs weighing 35 pounds and higher.

[New] Furbo 360° Dog Camera Rotating 360° Wide-Angle Pet Camera with Treat Tossing, Color Night Vision, 1080p HD Pan, 2-Way Audio, Barking Alerts, WiFi, and More! Designed for Canines.

FULL HD CAMERA WITH 360° ROTATING VIEW – The NEW Furbo 360° Dog Camera provides best-in-class HD video quality with a 360-degree rotating view for day and night monitoring. You can quickly check on your home, talk to relatives, and toss treats to dogs with the stunning 1080p liveview and high resolution 4x zoom. Know what’s going on in your house from any location – no more missed opportunities or blind areas.
REALTIME 2-WAY AUDIO & COLOR NIGHT VISION – Hear and communicate with family members and pets at home in real time, and adjust volume in-app for crystal clear audio. Color night vision uses infrared technology to deliver increased night vision and rich color vision in low light.

ADJUSTABLE TREAT TOSSING – Use the free Furbo iOS/Android app to toss a treat to your dog. The all-new Treat Toss allows you to customize the size of your dog’s treats. Fill Furbo with your dog’s favorite treats to serve as a reward or a diversion for separation anxiety symptoms such as pacing, barking, or licking.
ALERTS IN REAL TIME – Smart alerts provide dependable information about what is going on at home. When your dog barks, Furbo’s BARKING SENSOR detects it and delivers push notifications to your smartphone. Furbo Dog Nanny (membership required) provides additional notifications such as Dog Activity Alert, Person Alert, CO/Smoke Alarm Alert, and many more to help you avoid household emergencies and mishaps.

SECURITY & EASY 3-STEP SETUP – 1) Plug the USB wire into a power socket. 2) Get the Furbo app. 3) Join your home WiFi network. Furbo 360° Dog Camera employs bank-level encryption to keep your data secure. Enable 2-Step Verification to protect your account. For optimal functionality, a reliable internet connection and WiFi signal are suggested.

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Pet Fence for Stubborn Dogs – No Wire to Bury – Covers 3/4-Acre Yard – For Difficult-to-Train Dogs 5 lbs. & Up – Portable – From the INVISIBLE FENCE Brand’s Parent Company.

FOR DIFFICULT-TO-TRAIN PETS: A tone-only mode and 5 levels of static correction adapt based on how your dog behaves during training.
GUARD A 3/4-ACRE YARD: Create a circular border that can be adjusted up to 3/4-acre (22 5 -105 ft in all directions) from where the transmitter is installed indoors.
BURYING WITHOUT DIGGING OR WIRE: A wireless boundary allows you to establish a safe barrier around your yard to protect your pets in only a few hours without the effort or hassle of burying wires.

PORTABLE: This portable system is ideal for camping, vacation homes, or any other location where an outlet is available.
STABILITY-FREE REENTRY: This wireless fence, unlike typical in-ground fences, allows your pet to come home without being chastised if he or she over the border.
RECHARGEABLE, WATERPROOF RECEIVER COLLAR: The wireless fence system includes one waterproof, rechargeable receiver collar that securely fits dogs weighing 5 pounds and above and adjusts to fit neck sizes 6-28 inches.

EDIT YOUR DOG’S COLLAR SETTINGS: With 5 customizable correction levels, you can find the appropriate level for your pet; additionally included is a tone-only mode for training to teach your pets to stay in the secure play area.
ADD AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF PETS TO YOUR SYSTEM: An infinite number of collars can be added to the fence system and uniquely programmed to match the personality of your pets.

1200 Bags – 80 Rolls (Bulk) | Leak-Proof | Perforated | Unscented Degradable Dog Poop Bags with Clip-On Dispenser
Degradable: When oxygen, UV light, and heat are present, each green 9×13″ bag degrades. The extent and rate of degradation will be determined by the surrounding environment and the product composition (oxobiodegradable – see product description).
Our tear-resistant and leak-proof dog poop bags will keep your hands clean and safe from pet excrement.

Dispenser Included: With our simple clip dispenser and perforated edges, you’ll be able to pick up your items quickly and easily on the road. For your convenience, “Tear Here” is printed.

Our discrete bags have a one-of-a-kind design print and beautifully conceal messes to make daily outdoor walks more enjoyable.
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