Cat Curve Wall Bed Black

Felines need to hunt, climb, and be alone occasionally. With the CatsMode curved wall-mounted cat bed, all those needs are satisfied! Providing personal space allows indoor pets to engage in the abovementioned behaviors while providing a sense of security. Five…


Instinctual Satisfaction: The Cat Curve Wall Bed allows felines to fulfill their natural instincts for hunting, climbing, and occasional solitude, promoting their overall well-being.

Personal Space and Security: Providing a dedicated personal space for indoor pets, the curved wall-mounted bed offers a sense of security, allowing cats to engage in behaviors like climbing and being alone when desired.

Mental and Physical Engagement: With five color options, the Cat Curve Wall Bed complements interior decor while keeping kitties mentally and physically engaged. It encourages play, exploration, and exercise.

Versatile Cat Furniture System: The bed seamlessly integrates with other CatsMode products like the wall-mounted cat bed, wood bridge, and stairs, creating a comprehensive and stress-free feline haven. This versatile system enhances the overall cat environment.

Space Optimization: Specifically designed for small environments, the Cat Curve Wall Bed maximizes vertical space, making it an ideal solution for compact living spaces. It offers a functional and aesthetic addition to homes, catering to the needs of both cats and their owners.


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