CBD Cat Food Topper

A delicious, easy way to give your fur baby their daily dose of CBD and Omega-3’s. All it takes is one scoop to make any pet food even more nourishing.

Each tub contains 30 scoops of 15/mg of CBD per serving. This food topper is made with the same high-grade broad broad-spectrum CBD as our famous drops. The natural smoked salmon flavor is purrfect for any cat.


Why Choose the CBD Cat Food Topper?

✓ Nutritious: Our cat food topper is loaded with brewer’s yeast, eggs, and omega-3 fatty acids. It makes their daily meals nutritionally richer and healthier.

✓ Safe: This food topper is free from additives and artificial preservatives, wheat, soy, corn, lentils, potato flour, and pea flour.

✓ Excellent Quality: The full-spectrum CBD used in this food topper is organically grown in the USA. It’s also vet-approved, so stay assured of the quality!


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