Dna My Dog Genetic Testing Kit

  • BREED IDENTIFICATION TEST FOR YOUR DOGS: Understanding the breeds can contribute to the better health and well-being of your dog. This test accurately identifies more breeds and varieties than any other test on the market, so you can confirm your dog’s ancestry and genetic breed. So if you’re not sure about the breed of your pet, this test will paw-fect for you! Ideal for adopted dogs and for pets with mixed breeds.
  • RELIABLE GENETIC AGE TEST: DNA My Dog Genetic Age Test is not just for Breed validation, but also designed to determine the age of your dog at a genetic level so you can be proactive with the wellness of your dog. It is also designed to assist in age determination where age is not known. You can also determine the Genetic health concerns of your pet and how to avoid it in the future.


  • UNIQUE PERSONALITY TRAITS OF YOUR DOG: By using our Genetic Age Test Kit, you can also get several genetic information of your pet’s personality traits. You’ll know how your puppy will likely behave when it is older, or explain why your dog behaves how it does now; greater understanding allows for acceptance of its nature, something your Canine friend cannot help!
  • EASY-TO-USE: The DNA My Dog Genetic Dog Testing Kit includes a soft, sterile, polyester-tipped cheek swab to take a quick sample without troubling your dog, to ensure the safeness of your pet while doing the procedure. You’ll get the results approximately in 2 weeks from receipt of your dog’s DNA test sample. The report includes a breed identification certificate of types found in your dog’s unique DNA.
  • ENSURE THE WELL-BEING OF YOUR PET: By using our Genetic Testing Kit, you can treat the hereditary health concerns of your pet in advance. This DNA Test for dogs helps to identify the health concerns common to those breeds in your dog’s genetic makeup, so you can discuss with a vet to manage proactively with the right diet.


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