MIM Variogate Universal | Safety Engineered Dog Car Barrier & Cargo Gate

MIM Variogate Key Features

  • Safely Secures Animals and Cargo
  • 3 Sizes to fit almost any station wagon, van, or SUV
  • Allows Maximum Use of Cargo Area
  • Offers Ventilation When Vehicle is Stationary & Cargo Hatch is Open
  • Adjustable in Height, Width and Length as well as the Slope of Rear Door
  • Locking Doors with Gas Hydraulic Motion Springs
  • Built-In Key Lock for Security
  • High-Quality Powder Coated Steel Construction
  • Installs Easily in Car and attaches to vehicle with Load Tested Straps to Anchor Points
  • Short and Long Dividers are Available as an Accessory
  • Leash Hooks Included
  • Two poles extend behind the Variogate on the cargo area floor for additional support, 28.5″ apart
  • 1.98” of space between the vertical bars  is good for all dogs 15 lbs and above
  • No Modification to Vehicle Required


MIM Variogate Pet & Dog Car Gate Barrier for SUV, van, hatchback, truck or vehicle with a cargo area and trunk door.

The MIM Variogate is engineered and manufactured by the same company in that makes the world-famous MIM Variocage, the only Crash Tested Dog Travel Cage in the world.

The Variogate was still engineered with safety as a top priority. When used with a cargo barrier, such as our Crash Tested MIM Safe VarioBarrier (sold separately), the Variogate will create a safe and secure containment area for your loved ones. The Variogate/VarioBarrier is ideal for situations in which a Variocage will not fit in a cargo area, or you need the flexibility to use the cargo area when not transporting your pets.

The Variogate Cargo Divider (sold separately) gives the addition option of keeping a safe barrier between your dog(s) and anything else you are transporting.


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